sound system rental Ibiza


About beeZwax

We have a huge range of party sound systems suitable for smartphones or DJ equipment from as little as €200 per week.


There is now an overwhelming choice of sound hire companies in Ibiza, but Beezwax are one of very few with the stock to cope with almost any request and the technical and practical experience to advise on any kind of event. Trusted by almost all of the experienced event planners and promoters, you will struggle to find anyone that hasn’t used us for sound hire support on their  Ibiza events over the last decade! Beezwax Ibiza have a reputation for being the fastest and most reliable provider on the island and it’s not unusual for us to go from first contact, to music on, within the hour, or supply equipment at the very last minute in emergencies. We always stay one step ahead of the game, and very often we have “the only one on the island”, so don’t be afraid to ask for a particular item, no matter how obscure or esoteric it may seem – one call and it’s sorted.


We have worked in almost all of the clubs on the island, including DC10, Ushuaia, Hi, Space, Amnesia, Ibiza Rocks, Privilege, Amnesia, Eden & Pacha, and our DJs have played in all of those clubs too, so we have a wealth of insider information and advice for potential events. We are also trusted by other high end hire companies to provide support and back up when they have difficult or unusual requests and are often asked to step in when smaller/newer companies are unable to fulfil their bookings due to equipment failure, theft, or lack of stock.


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Our stock is huge; covering all the main DJ products such as Pioneer CDJ2000nxs2, CDJ2000nexus, DJM900nxs2, DJM900nexus, Technics SL1210mk2, SL1210MK5, Allen & Heath Xone:92, Xone:db2, Rane MP2015, Rane Sixty Four, as well as legacy products such as CDJ2000, CDJ1000mk3, DJM800, Xone 62 etc.


On the budget front we have USB only options such as XDJ1000 and XDJ-RX as well as the more traditional CDJ350 and DJM350 setup, plus a whole range of controllers and mixers for Traktor Scratch and Serato DJ on both laptops and smartphones.