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Popular Scenarios


I want to plug in my iPhone

Lots of options here, starting from as little as €30 per day.

Several of our systems are portable enough to use on the beach or even in the car, but you can plug a smartphone / iPad / iPod / laptop (or anything with a headphone socket) into any of our systems, even the monster ones!


I want to party all the time in my villa

Many people rent a system from us for the duration of their stay in Ibiza. The noise laws in Ibiza are fairly strict and many villa owners are very nervous about sound systems, but we have a whole range of options that will allow you to party in your villa or apartment without attracting the attention of the neighbours, owners, or police. Let us know where you’re staying and we will do our best to advise.

Our most popular systems work out to less than €40 per person per week.


I want to learn to DJ

We offer several packages of DJ lessons and sound systems so you can learn as part of your holiday – what better place than Ibiza!

You can have your first lesson on your first day and spend the whole week practising. We offer coaching at all levels and have assisted some very big names, so even if you are experienced, it could be a good chance to brush up on your skills, learn something different, or try out new equipment before you decide to buy it. You could even try different products over the course of the week.

Prices start at just €100 per session, including tuition and equipment hire.


I am a DJ

As you would expect, the vast majority of our clients fall into this category. Many people take a different approach than they would at home, either because they want to try something new, are working to a budget, or want to cut down on baggage. Our range of mixers includes Allen & Heath Xone:92, Pioneer DJM900, Rane MP2015, Funktion One FF6.2 etc.  and we have a huge range of turntables, CDJs and controllers too. Just tell us what you normally use and how you would like to bring your music (e.g. vinyl, CD, USB stick/Hard Drive) and we will suggest the best options for you.

You can even hire specialist DJ equipment from us for the night if you manage to blag a last minute gig in a bar that doesn’t have the right kit.



I want to have a massive party

If you’ve rented a dream villa and you think you can get away with it, then a villa party or villa wedding is one of the best things that you can do in Ibiza. We can handle almost any DJ request so tell us who is playing and we will do the rest. We can help keep the budget under control by suggesting more affordable options and can let you know if the DJ is being a diva, or if they really need what they’ve asked for.

Our network in Ibiza is second to none and we can take responsibility for the whole event, but we are one of the few event specialists that are happy to mix our suppliers & partners with yours, giving you the peace of mind that you really do have the best sound, light, bar & food.

Prices start at just €250 including DJ equipment, sound system, delivery, and set-up.



Large Events

We understand the need for a single point of contact, but we feel that for a truly professional event you need to call in specialists in each individual area. We are happy to manage all the other suppliers for your event if you wish (e.g. lighting, catering, bar, decoration) but our focus will always be on the sound and we make sure our partners are equally specialised.

If you do not already have your own event planner, or don’t want to plan and run the event yourself then we can recommend one of our experienced event managers and there are even planners available that can simply assist you with your own arrangements or just be your eyes and ears on the island.




Sound Systems Explained


Active Speakers vs. Passive Speakers

When people talk about Active Speakers, they generally mean ‘powered’ speakers that have amplifiers built into them. They also have the crossovers before the amplifier in the signal path, which saves any amplifier power being wasted on ‘passive’ electronic components before it gets to the speakers. This means that active speakers can squeeze every drop of power from lower quality amplifiers and makes them much cheaper to build.

The vast majority of low-end sound systems available for hire are based on active powered speakers to save money and also weight.

The most popular of our active speaker systems are based on one pair of Mackie SRM450, or something similar from JBL, or EV Electrovoice. They are generally described as 1000 watt/1 kilowatt  systems and they are loud enough for a party of around 50 people, but the sound quality is not in the same league as our Martin Audio systems, so we don’t recommend them for weddings and high-end events unless the budget is very tight.



Subwoofers are speakers designed solely to play bass frequencies. For some sound systems, a separate subwoofer is essential, as the main speakers are too small to produce bass frequencies, or have had them filtered out by design. Most of the time though, a subwoofer is an optional extra that improves the sound of your system and gives you greater control of the bass – this can be especially useful if you want to use a system late at night without disturbing the neighbours for example.

As a general rule, for a proper party or wedding system, a subwoofer is pretty much essential if your main speakers have bass drivers that are smaller than 15”.


Martin Audio

From a sound system point of view, we are completely independent, and not swayed by particular business deals or PR based equipment loans. Our preferred sound systems are Funktion One and Martin Audio and the vast majority of our hire stock is Martin Audio, so if you want a little piece of Fabric London or the Ministry of Sound at your event, you have come to the right place! They have very solid wooden cabinets rather than the plastic cabinets of the cheaper powered speakers and this, in addition to the higher standard of components, makes a huge difference to the sound quality.

Martin Audio have an extremely good reputation within the sound hire industry and they have won many awards over the years, especially at the Ministry of Sound in London, which is one of their flagship systems. Fabric London is another famous Martin Audio install and they have been running the same system more or less unchanged in room one for over 10yrs – it still sounds amazing!! We can hire you an almost identical system for your villa…..

Other Martin Audio systems of note have been installed at Matter/O2 Arena in London, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, City Hall in Barcelona, Marquee in Sydney, Clapham Grand, Rock Ness, Pacha London, Prodigy at V, Glastonbury Pyramid Stage, the list goes on…….


Funktion One

For really large events, we recommend Funktion One speakers. The coverage and dispersion is excellent and the bass is quite frankly ridiculous when set up correctly. The main room at Space sounded fantastic and we feel that it would not have been possible to achieve those levels of quality and coverage without a custom designed Funktion One system – full credit to all those involved.

The downside is that it can be quite hard to contain the sound from a Funktion One sound system – there are not many villas or venues in Ibiza where you can get away with it these days!

One other problem is weight & size – it’s not easy to install a proper Funktion One system and this is reflected in the hire cost.


Budget Systems 

Many people just want the bare minimum for a villa party or weekly sound system, and we have lots of experience with this. Active and passive JBL, EV Electrovoice, Peavey and Bose systems are very popular, as are the smaller active Mackie systems, such as the SRM450.

We even have weekly systems for as little as €30 per day so please don’t hesitate to give us a call, whatever your budget.