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beeZwax Ibiza have been powering villa parties, boat parties, super clubs and everything in between since 2003


Having an island expert can be invaluable if you are new to holding events in Ibiza.


It’s a small island, with many unique logistical problems that you don’t find in a big city, so having a very experienced expert with you on the day rather than seasonal hired help, will ensure that you have the knowledge to cope with unforeseen circumstances and “Ibiza problems” elsewhere in your event.


As well as taking care of sound, we can recommend several planners, lighting, decoration, and other event specialists; and our suggestions will be tailored to your event, your style and your crowd.

Wedding & Event Planners

We firmly believe in having specialists in each individual area of your event. You will pay the same or more to a one stop shop as you will to hire independent teams with their own experience and specialisms in lighting, decoration, event planning, and so on.
Over the last 15yrs, we have worked in almost every wedding and private hire venue on the island and we can tailor your sound system or sound systems to your exact requirements. We use Martin Audio or Funktion One for all of our own events and we have special systems for noise problem venues (especially on the coast), as well as a whole range of budget active speakers (Mackie/EV/Electrovoice/JBL etc.) for events where cost is an issue.
Beezwax are experts in sound for high stress activities like wedding ceremonies, presentations, speeches etc. and we can provide additional equipment and advice if your venue does not have exactly the right equipment for your DJs, or even help your DJs identify cheaper options that may not be obvious.
Our expert technicians know events inside out and we are frequently asked to lend a hand or solve problems elsewhere on the event in case of emergency – you can depend on us for absolute everything and we are always on duty.


Whether you are a keen amateur or an experienced professional, you don’t really need much of our help to choose your system but some of our regular DJ clients use their holiday or event to try something new so please get in touch if you would like a bit more info.
A trip to Ibiza is a great opportunity to check out top end equipment like the Rane MP2015, Technics SL1200GAE, or Pioneer CDJ2000nxs2.
We are one of the main providers of equipment for specialised DJ riders in Ibiza and we are always happy to share a bit of insider information on what your favourite DJs are using in the super clubs, so just ask.
For one day events the obvious choice will be the standard club set up of Pioneer CDJ2000nexus and DJM900nexus or Allen & Heath Xone:92, but on a longer hire you can make a good saving with some of the more affordable options and we can easily explain the pros and cons of each different option to you.

Wedding Couples & Party Hosts

Many of our clients don’t have the budget for the “full service” when it comes to events, but good sound is the one thing that is essential for a wedding or party. Our stock is very diverse and there is almost always a cheaper option – we understand that sometimes corners have to be cut and we can help you decide which corners to cut, and by how much!
We will advise you of which systems we use in which venues, and also work with your DJs and musicians to discuss cheaper options as this can sometimes make a huge difference to the cost of your event. Most DJs will specify certain DJ equipment with no flexibility or substitutions, but we can help them understand if there might be a cheaper option that will suit. One of our main selling points with self planned events though, is that we can offer a whole wealth of advice on the rest of your event, without trying to make a mark up or commission on every little bit of your party or wedding! Let us know what you need to find and we will point you in the right direction – our network of experienced local suppliers is second to none! We have worked in almost every wedding venue, and we can tell you exactly when the music goes down below party level, when the party finishes, and whether you can even have anything resembling a party in the first place! 

Boats & Specialist Events

There have been big changes recently with boat parties in Ibiza – regulation is very tight, and the rules change constantly.
We are one of a very small number of companies that are fully authorised and licensed to work in the Balearic ports, and we are well aware of the complications involved in running an event on the water. Our experience with weddings and events on the water has enabled us to design bespoke sound systems for some of the best event boats available in Ibiza – it really isn’t as simple as chucking a few cheap active speakers on board!!
We can work closely with your DJs to find the best system for them, and help with their technical rider if they can’t have their usual club set-up. We can also advise you and your other suppliers on the rest of your event, to ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises on the day.
Please get in touch if you need any more information on the boat that you have chosen, or if you would like recommendations for your event.

We have put on events in all sorts of weird and wonderful places and we are very experienced in working without mains power, and even without a generator if noise is an issue so please feel free to challenge us!