Vinyl DJ Equipment

We are the vinyl experts in Ibiza and are the only hire company in the world to carry the whole of the new Technics range including the super rare SL1200GAE and the limited edition SL1200G, as well as the SL1200GR and the super rare SL1200mk4 audiophile model. In addition to this, we have the legendary SL1210mk2, SL1210M3D, SL1200mk5 and SL1210M5G, as well as specialist mixers like the Mastersounds Radius 2 and Radius 4, and upgraded high end audiophile versions of the Technics SL1200mk2, as well as a whole range of more affordable old school vinyl mixers from companies like Urei and Vestax.


We also have the full range of accessories to get the most out of your precious vinyl, including Isolation platforms, Isolating feet, Audiophile cables, phono pre-amps, isolators, and of course the very best of Ortofon and Shure cartridges and styli.

New Technics Range

Technics SL1200GAE

Clickless digital pitch

The Technics SL1200GAE is the best DJ turntable ever made. Hand made in Japan with a very limited run of only 1200 units worldwide, it uses a wealth of high end materials, including magnesium for the tonearm, and brass for the platter. The rest of the design is similar to the ubiquitous SL1200mk2, but with the addition of +/- 16% pitch and a 78rpm option.

If you want to try the very best, this is it!

Technics SL1200G

Clickless digital pitch

The SL1200 is very similar to the SL1200GAE, but with a lower spec tonearm and more basic isolating feet. Still handmade, with the heavy brass topped platter.

Technics SL1200GR / SL1210GR

Clickless digital pitch

The SL1200GR was redesigned from the ground up and is a significant improvement on the older mk2 & mk5 models, especially in the motor and platter departments. It is definitely the best of the affordable DJ turntables currently on the market! It retains the +/- 16% pitch option from the mk5G models, and also adds removable RCA signal cables and 78rpm options from the SL1200k4.

Legacy Technics Range

Technics SL1210M5G / SL1200GLD

Clickless digital pitch

The SL1210M5G / SL1200mk5G was the first Technics DJ deck that was substantially different to the long running SL1200mk2, adding a more accurate digital pitch with a 16% option, upgraded tonearm using titanium, and high quality signal cables. Cosmetically it has a pearlescent black paint finish, gunmetal fittings, and blue LED target lamp. The SL1200GLD has the same functions.

Technics SL1200mk5 / SL1210M3D

Clickless analogue pitch

The SL1200mk5 / SL1210mk5 are basically the same as the SL1210M3D / SL1200M3D / SL1200mk3D (other than the LED target light on the mk5). The M3D is itself an evolution of the mk2 models, removing the irritating 0% center click, and adding a pitch reset button to activate quartz lock at 0%. The body also incorporates a handy headshell stand for a spare cartridge.

Technics SL1200mk2 / SL1210mk2

Analogue pitch with click

The longest running of all Technics DJ models, these were in production from 1979 to 2010, with only minor changes. Some DJs specifically request these over later improved models, so we always have a set available in tip top condition. Servicing and calibration is of paramount importance with these, otherwise the center click can become a major problem when mixing.

Technics SL1200LTD

Analogue pitch with click

The SL1200LTD was released to commemorate 25yrs of the SL1200. Feature wise it is almost identical to an SL1210M3D, but it has an eye-catching piano black finish with many gold plated parts, and upgraded signal cables with gold plugs.

Japan-only Technics Range

Technics SL1200mk4

Analogue pitch with click

The SL1200mk4 was a Japan only “audiophile” edition. It uses the same chassis as a the SL1200mk2, but adds a 78rpm speed, and an upgraded titanium tonearm (similar to the one fitted to mk5G models). It’s the only one of the original Technics SL1200/SL1210 models to feature removable RCA cables, which makes it very easy to upgrade them.

Technics SL1200mk3

Analogue pitch with click

The SL1200mk3 is another Japan only special edition, adding upgraded RCA signal cables to a standard SL1200mk2.

Specialist Vinyl Mixers

Mastersounds Radius 4

Analogue, Filters

Paying homage to the legendary Allen & Heath Xone:V6, the Radius 2 and Radius 4 from Mastersounds strive for analogue sound quality above everything else. The short signal path ensures the best sound, and each channel has it’s own HPF filter, which is one of the smoothest on the market.

Funktion One FF6.2

Analogue, Filters

The latest collaboration between Funktion One and Formula Sound sets a new standard in Club DJ mixers. Hand built in the UK, it is one of the best sounding analogue mixers on the market and it has, in our view, the best layout of any DJ mixer, with 4 band EQ and separate dedicated HPF and LPF filters on each channel.

Urei 1603

Analogue, Isolators

Whilst nowhere near as famous as the classic Urei 1620 from the 1980’s, the Urei 1603 has something of a cult following amongst vinyl purists. It’s a fantastic sounding analogue mixer, with excellent phono pre-amps, in the familiar 4 channel tabletop layout. It’s a fantastic budget option if you are DJing with vinyl and it sounds amazing with CDJs too.

Vestax PMC37

Analogue, Filters

The most advanced incarnation of the legendary Vestax battle mixers! The bottom of the mixer retains the familiar scratch battle layout but there are a lot of new additions at the top, including 2 dedicated aux channels, 3 band EQ, and an analogue filter on each channel. A great mixer for vinyl DJs, whether or not you will be doing any turntablism!